An actuator is a device that produces a motion by converting energy and signals going into the system. The motion it produces can be either rotary or linear.

Actuators are often used to control valves in oil and gas industries, water industries, petrochemical industry & power generation facility to control the valve’s open and close position and for emergency shutdown operations.

Actuators are quite reliable as they work safely under the most extreme conditions like very high and low temperatures, in remote situations in deserts or at the arctic and in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Actuators apart from their core function of opening and closing the valve, they also form a crucial interface between the process and the supervisory control system, providing seamless integration into whichever distributed control system is used in the plant network.

We at AQSA can support our customers with Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electro Hydraulic actuator of USA, European and South Korean make. We can supply actuators along with the valves as a complete package coupled with suitable control accessories.

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